Employee Termination Stories

Amazon / EngnetscapeOG
Feb 6 11 Comments

Have you ever witnessed someone get dramatically fired?

There was once an intern in our org who got fired mid-internship for copy and pasting internal code to his GitHub.


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  • Walmart.com SFNative
    Saw a manager get fired for taking her shirts off at a company golf tournament and saying she wanted to bang a dude. A Director for sexual harrasment. Another director for sexual Harsment.
    Feb 62
  • Tektronix / Sales


    At Peoplesoft a bunch of people showed up to work one morning and none of their employe badges worked. They were all let go that day.

    At Oracle in sales they would take you out to icecream and give you the bad news. Surprisingly no one ever wanted to go get icecream.
    Feb 60
  • Microsoft / EngUllflfhjgd
    A girl was doing coke in the bathroom.... the rest of us kept pointing out how terrible her work had gotten, but they never enacted the random drug testing clause of our employment contract. The handicapped bathroom had a separate walled room with a locking full height door inside of the general bathroom,. She was able to hide pretty well, until one day she forgot to lock the door and a director went to use that bathroom, as the stalls were full. They actually had security and police haul her away.... This was before my swe days.
    Feb 60
  • Bank of America Quackers
    Have seen a suspended network engineer come in to get his monitor (friend let him in), called the security guard a racist slur, who then took off his shirt and threatened to kick his ass. Employee was later fired.
    Feb 61
    • Microsoft X9pl12
      Classic network engineer. They always seem to be weird as hell. Lol.
      Feb 6
  • FactSet / Eng


    Bridgewater Associates
    Under aged intern in my old intern class got fired for lying about being drunk at a company event.
    Feb 60
  • New C5xdb
    A developer fired in my friend comp(Giant insurance comp) after money lost due to bad code.
    Feb 61
    • New C5xdb
      Every one else got warning ⚠️
      Feb 6
  • Walmart.com SFNative
    Another for stealing.
    Feb 60

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