Employment Contract?

Nvidia HBO GoT
May 9 6 Comments

Verbal offer given and was invited to come in for paperwork. I asked for electronic employment contract to be given to review, HR said no. What was your experience? Do I have the right to request and review it beforehand?

I want to take the time to understand the contract before going in and signing.

Current TC 115, 4 yoe
Expected new TC 140.



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  • Employment contract is different from an offer letter. If you received an email with your compensation, benefits,-and any options described, that is your offer.

    Contracts are typically reserved for execs and have things like severance included. Most employees don’t get them
    May 9 0
  • SpaceX uevh5
    Sounds super sketchy. Prepare for a lot of fine print (non-competes, everything you ever invented or will invent belongs to us, if you leave early you have to repay us back with interest, etc.)

    Or just a stupid/paranoid HR that don't want to release a company offer in the wild for other parties to see (eventually).
    May 9 2
    • Nvidia HBO GoT
      Yeah, that person was very pushy too.
      May 9
    • SpaceX uevh5
      Well, if they don't budge, just go there and tell them you'll need 30-60 minutes to review it before signing. Or bring a lawyer with you to review it.

      Or (if you decide to troll them), you can bring a friend, tell them he/she is your personal attorney and let them red line every other sentence, argue about stupid things with a serious face and say things like "I will not let my client sign such a preposterous .... I wouldn't even call it "a document! My professor cited verbatim this exact clause in his lecture about un-enforceable and unjust contracts!"
      May 9
  • Postmates Macheese
    Uh they can’t even send a PDF? Sounds sketchy/
    May 9 1
    • Nvidia HBO GoT
      Just verbal, not even compensation in email. They want me to come in and sign right away.
      May 9