Employment verification

Wells Fargo fin2tech
May 22 3 Comments

Can anyone confirm how many years of background verification is typically done and what’s really verified?


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  • I think most forms ask for 5 year? Dates of employment definitely get verified
    May 22 1
    • Wells Fargo fin2tech
      Am I going to be asked to fill out a form before they send out my info? Or are they simply going to forward my resume to the verification company?
      May 22
  • Amazon jQpf16
    Typically they verify your last two or three employers. This is what was done for Amazon
    1. They ask you to fill a form and mention names and contacts whowm they can reach - they verify that these people exist and send them an email or call them on their official contacts
    2. They do not forward your resume to anyone
    3. They probably do not verify more than 10 years back history
    May 23 0