Eng manager comp at Workday?

Hired / Mgmt mwLS21
Jun 30 8 Comments

Hi workday friends,

Any idea what the comp band is for an EM at Workday at Pleasanton?

Any chance they could match FB’s comp? FB is offering a TC of 500k per year (220k base, 20% bonus, and $900k RSU over 4 yrs) for M1.

What does the level system look like for an EM at Workday? The commute is a lot better than FB so I am very interested.

Thank you!


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Facebook / Mgmt vjuiu
    No chance of match at similar level.
    Jun 30 1
    • Hired / Mgmt mwLS21
      How far off would be something still interesting. The commute to FB sucks and I am willing to sacrifice
      Jun 30
  • Workday HMyq68
    You are considering Workday over FB? Are you nuts?

    Just move.

    Honestly doubt Workday can match FB comp (could be wrong but you don’t see FAANGs flocking to Workday). WLB here is fantastic. You will work your butt off at FB but do nothing here.
    Jul 26 0
  • Workday eytfb467
    Why would u leave million dollar on the table just go to facebook and rent somewhere close
    Jul 1 1
  • Workday DayWork
    Sr manager or manager?
    Jul 1 1
    • Hired / Mgmt mwLS21
      Probably Sr Manager
      Jul 1
  • Groupon thepoint
    They pay around 180k base, friend interviewed there before. No chance of matching. They probably can provide around 300k-ish TC.
    Jun 30 0


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