Engineer to PM transition

Zenreach PrezDTrump
Feb 1 8 Comments

For anyone that made the switch, is it worth it and what was the transition like? I'm getting tired of engineering and have always wanted to try PM, but I haven't been dealing with PMs long enuf to know what exactly they do


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  • Microsoft Desitechie
    At least PMs don't have to do the more rigorous and skilled stuff, like debugging production issues etc.
    Anyone can come up with product ideas, may be smart PMs come up with better ones, but only those with the right coding skills can implement it.
    PM is a semi skilled job.
    Feb 11
    • HackerRank xFlC00
      Dam you must have a horrible PM
      Feb 4
  • Amazon hot 🍞
    Yeah I'm tired of engineering too, aka answering other people's questions.

    How do I become the guy that asks the questions?
    Feb 11
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      That isn’t how being a PM works. They just get asked questions by dumber people.
      Feb 1
  • Uber undead
    Not sure it’s worth it.
    Feb 10
  • LinkedIn rover
    Someone at work who a software engineer transitioned to PM. The opportunity presented itself when a a PM had just left the company.

    There was a need in that role. While still working as a software engineer 10-20% of the time he used the other time to do they duties of a PM (with manager approval of course).

    He’s now a PM and he’s kicking butt. The type of engineers that thrive at this are amazing communicators, outgoing, “not afraid to speak up type of folks” and team players.
    Feb 11
    • Microsoft Desitechie
      Engineers can easily become PMs, but the other way around is way more challenging.
      Ask a PM to debug a prod issue or implement a major feature 😂😂😂
      Feb 1
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Pcds66
    Product or program
    Feb 40

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