Engineering at Wealthfront

Salesforce sssaass
Apr 21 3 Comments

Curious to hear about engineering at Weathfront? Anything about it, how’s the tech stack, work life balance, are there interesting challenges to solve? How’s mobile?

What’s the base and TC in general?


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  • Google L7@AWS
    What does WF do that a regular index fund doesn't, besides tax loss harvesting?
    Apr 21 0
  • Google bogleheads
    I don't see how they can succeed in the business when there are so many players with near identical offerings. M1 finance gives portfolio management for free, betterment has an identical offering with similar fee structure, Schwab SIP is free (although needs a large cash component in the portfolio), vanguard portfolio advisory service (VPAS) has a human-based service for slightly higher (0.30% fee), and there are at least a dozen other players in the robo advisory market. Plus WF has lost some credibility in recent years with higher expense ratio & actively managed funds that people got "opted in" automatically (and had to opt out if they were not interested). They also received a down round of funding last year.

    For high net worth individuals, Schwab also offers a cheaper human-based service that caps the annual total fees to much lower (900 per quarter = 3600 per year) than what you would pay 0.25% with WF.
    Apr 21 0
  • Facebook FAANG#1
    I met a wealthfront eng one time. He seemed happy and described a decent WLB.
    Apr 21 0


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