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Dell LUHV04
Jul 19 14 Comments

Hello All,

First off, thank you to everyone that has answered my past pesky queries.

1. Currently a director of engineering leading a global engineering team.
YOE – 11 years, TC - ~ 210K USD.
2. I don’t have confidence in my current company, product, and don’t see any more growth where I am.
3. I recently tried a google management interview for SRE. Most of the rounds went well. Tried my best in system design and did solve the problem, but looks like I wasn’t upto what interviewer wanted, also I didn’t give a perfect solution for one coding interview.

1. I firmly believe a recession is coming within a year or two. In such recession times, its best to be at a company like google.

My strengths:
1. Project and people management, can do coding (not super hard problems), understand and can do moderately well on system design.

My thoughts:
1. Since my current group is potentially going to die, try for technical program manager role at google. If it works, take it and prep for leadership roles at google in future.

1. Based on my background - Is it worth (setting myself up for success) taking up a technical program management role with Google?
2. Once I am a Technical program manager at google, would google give me a fair shot at future leadership roles? Or my moving away from leadership role would be taken negatively?
3. Once in google, for future interviews – are the interview rounds same as what an external candidate has to go thru? Or is it lateral move where you know the hiring manager and make a move?
4. In terms of salary, I have read that – Regardless of job duty and role, Salary is depending on levels (l4, l5 etc.). Based on my background, what Level for technical program management should I be requesting from the recruiters?

Thank you.

edit - i am not based ot of silicon valley , and in a medium cost east coast area.


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  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    You're not an "engineering leader" with that TC lmao. Get your head out of your ass; and based on how you assume you already got in to Google in your questions, you'll need to really try hard to get your head out of there.
    Jul 19 9
    • The Home Depot / Eng joppkopit
      I understand 350 is low for Director. Just wanted to emphasise TC has little to do with role. Dell and Goldman sachs are two companies I am aware of having inflated titles, so I agree their directors may not have same competence as in other tech companies.
      Jul 19
    • Dell LUHV04
      I agree
      Jul 19
    • Jacobs / Project

      Jacobs Project

      Former sales engineer. Current lead process engineer. Managed teams of 10+ on projects with values >$250MM
      Imagine taking time out of your day to shit on people asking for help... Being a leader has nothing to do with comp
      Jul 19
    • Facebook ⭕w⭕
      Obviously not being serious about correlating engineering leadership with TC. I just find it annoying someone refers to themselves as an "engineering leader", no different than if I called myself an "expert hacker" or "thought leader" or "polyglot programmer".

      Reading his post made it even worse as it sounds like his leadership is over a dead team, and rather than trying to lead the team out of a pickle, he wants to just jump ship, excellent leadership signal right there. And he asked questions that already assumed he passed his Google interview which struck me as arrogant.
      Jul 19
    • Dell LUHV04
      Sorry about that

      Genuinely not trying to be arrogant

      I wrote what was in my mind in terms of questions and details

      Apologies for hurting your sentiments
      Jul 19
  • Google / Mgmt

    Google Mgmt

    Why do u think recession is coming ? I have been hearing it from 5 years now. Have your thought about moving to similar roles in day lenovo etc ?
    Jul 19 1
    • Dell LUHV04
      My points on recession -
      Housing market is wobbly
      Stocks are up and down a bit
      There is general noise around market recession
      Bit of gut feel on my part

      Lenovo etc aren’t stable companies
      Jul 19
  • Netflix petepants
    These reasons are kinda childish, I am sorry, but it’s ridiculous
    Jul 20 0
  • Oracle alwzangry
    People from strictly hierarchical organizations, think of, and measure an individual's leadership capabilities in terms of their employer's pay ranges and by the count of how many people report to them. That's also where we hear vocabulary like 'resources' to refer to people.
    Jul 19 0