Engineering manager interview at cruise - expectations ?

Linden Lab / Eng saur0n
Oct 25 7 Comments

I have an on-site interview coming up for the frameworks team at cruise.

Any insight if I should focus on specific topics ? I've literally spent no time reading system design questions. Is that commonly asked ?

Other than this, if anyone can comment on the:
- room for growth
- is the team/org supportive of growing people on the team ? I as an eng manager do that and find there is a great synergy when the org supports you in helping grow people in their careers ?
- Quality of work that the team does ? If given a chance, would you want to be a part of the team or run away :)
- Work life balance
- team culture

I'd appreciate any insight.



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  • Cruise Automation glfc57
    Growth is definitely a big part of engineering culture at Cruise. We don't have very many levels, so it's less about growing to the next promotion and more about growing your skills as an engineer.
    Happy to chat more if needed
    Oct 26 0
  • Cruise Automation ._.
    Hey, PM me - Iā€™m an ex LL and ex Cruise-er. We probably know each other.
    Oct 26 0
  • Cruise Automation Maryb
    Don't be surprised if you have a round on politics and sucking up to the execs šŸ˜‰
    Oct 26 0
  • Cerner / Eng

    Cerner Eng

    This is Satya Pichai. The most powerful man on blind. DM me for acquisitions.
    SD1 and SD2s are being asked system design questions now a days. You think an engineering manager won't be asked those?
    Oct 25 1
    • Linden Lab / Eng saur0n
      I do expect it, but..wishful thinking. I actually system design questions and is a big part of my current job. It's the open ended nature and crossing your fingers that you take the design in the direction that interviewer wants is the part that makes me cringe and sigh.
      Oct 25
  • Facebook / Eng s$puman
    Watching.. I also have an onsite coming up..for eng mgr
    Oct 26 0
  • Walmart ghu75v
    Hows working at second life?
    Oct 25 0


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