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Microsoft pkmc
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My brother has a master's degree in data science with 9 months co-op experience as a data science intern working on computer vision ML. He's applied to bunch of roles online but I feel like it's hard to get his foot in the door. I've referred him to MS but we know how that shit show goes..

Any companies out there looking to hire masters grads? He went straight from undergrad which was in film theory, unrelated. He doesn't want to work on ads is the main this or Uber/Amazon types of toxic reputation places. Looking for company names where you know they'll take kids like him. He has 2 months of school left, would def sacrifice TC for something he likes which is related to art, music, journalism, policy, anything to help the world like healthcare/homeless crisis/etc


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  • Microsoft / Data sjf
    Get experience working for consulting firms, then move to fte roles.
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  • New / Eng |l|l||l|l|
    Uber is only toxic in reputation these days.
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