Equivalent levels at other companies.

Microsoft kFyn14
Sep 16 9 Comments

I'm recently got a promo to 63, lower level of senior at MS like 6 months ago and I have actively started to prepare for interviews. What are the levels I can target at other companies, namely at Amazon, FB, Google etc. I know levels.fyi gives a general idea but looking to get inputs from folks who have made moves similar to what I am targeting. This would help with setting up expectations.

Current TC is just above 200k, which comprises base pay plus un vested stocks per year and average bonus.


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Microsoft unfanged
    SDE3/E5/L5 if you’re good
    Sep 16 4
    • Apple / Eng cho Chang
      Not really L5. Google down levels aggressively.
      Sep 16
    • New sumName
      Can confirm
      Sep 17
    • AT&T MsdR32
      FYI, Google recruiter told me 7 yoe or 6+master's is enough to get an L5 interview.
      Sep 17
    • Facebook / Eng mturtle
      SDE3 is not likely either. Amzn downlevels aggressively as well.

      E5 is realistic if you do well in interview.
      Sep 17
  • Microsoft / Eng Leet_God
    SDE2, E4 and L4 is the equivalent.
    Fb E5 possible if you are extremely good at interviewing.
    SDE3 and L5 not possible.
    Sep 16 0
  • Microsoft kFyn14
    Thank you. This helps.
    Sep 16 0
  • Lyft blah124
    Sde3 is possible at Amazon .. depends on the interview
    Sep 16 0
  • Microsoft kFyn14
    Forgot to mention I'm a Dev, been with MS for about 5 years now.
    Sep 16 0


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