Ericsson Santa Clara

T-Mobile 3303N8
Jul 3 6 Comments

Why are the glassdoor reviews for Ericsson so bad? A recruiter reached out to me for a SWE role and the reviews on Glassdoor are scaring me a little. Should I run the other direction? Or are the reviews from a small select group?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Ericsson MCDan
    Continuous layoff, favoritism, inside politics and real bad offshore resource quality synonyms of Ericsson
    Jul 5 0
  • Lockheed Martin / Eng iEkO37
    Isn't it a body shop?
    Jul 3 1
    • Ericsson MCDan
      It is
      Jul 5
  • Ericsson / Product

    Ericsson Product

    Tibco software, YP
    I suggest keep looking...
    Jul 3 0
  • wtfoxtrot
    Please don't join. It's a sinking ship.
    Jul 3 0
  • Apple fagaghh21
    Run unless the TC is 400k+
    Jul 3 0


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