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LinkedIn thghi6ex
Feb 18 8 Comments

I am very impressed with the power of Erlang/Elixir programming languages.  But jobs in these languages are almost non-existent.  I think Companies such as LinkedIn/Microsoft or all the FAANG companies can make huge savings in infrastructure spending if they shift to Erlang or Elixir without compromising any quality. (WhatsApp is an excellent example).

why there aren’t many companies adapting to this language. What are your thoughts?


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  • PagerDuty WsrD57
    Elixir is the default language of choice at PagerDuty. It's awesome, so is the company (and I say this as someone no longer with PD).
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  • Ericsson / Eng rawr🙈🙉
    *cough cough*
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  • Uber / Eng qvaU76
    You can achieve the similar performance with C++/Rust/Java/Go, however for applications like WhatsApp, a language with better concurrency primitives/abstractions is naturally a better choice, therefore Erlang/elixir is a better choice for such applications. Go also has a strong focus on concurrency but probably not as comprehensive as Erlang (think supervision trees).

    That said, I think the reason for Erlang/elixir not being more popular is a vicious loop: less job demand -> less incentive to learn -> less people/infra for prod projects -> less job demand
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  • New Kula
    Feb 18 1
    • LinkedIn thghi6ex
      so true :) Mastering Functional programming is more difficult compared to OOP. It requires a 180 degree turn from OOP and getting the right talent is going to be a challenge.  On the bright side, performance and scalability can be dealt with much easily using Elixir.
      Feb 18
  • New monomo
    Elixir seems to be a very neat language. The performance compared to the fucked up ruby/python is stellar. Concurrency is in it's heart as well. Recently I've learned Go but the platform felt weird, including the dependency management. I've stumbled upon an article that compared connection performance of Go with elixir and node. Node sucked balls but elixir matched Go with higher cpu usage.
    So for today, I don't see any strong points for Go myself.

    The language is relatively young, but the whole new set of features like pattern matching and pure immutability kick ass.
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  • Microsoft DangerRngr
    Erlang lacks tools. Debugging is terrible.

    (I don’t know what elixir is though)
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  • Microsoft DangerRngr
    There are some good erlang open source projects - contribute to them - e.g. ejabberd
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