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What is typical salary expectation for an estimator in Telecom/Construction industry?


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    Use your estimator skills to estimate your own estimated salary
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  • Microsoft / Mgmt gdFw80
    My general experience:

    $40-60k TC for $2 - 5 million of estimates. Usually requires a few years of field experience.

    $75-90k TC for $5 - 50 million of estimates. Usually requires 5 - 10 years of total experience.

    $95-$150 TC for $50 - 150 million of estimates. Usually requires 10-20 years of total experience. PE or RCDD is usually required along full design capability. About a third of your pay at this stage comes from bonuses.
    Sep 13 2
    • New Trazer
      PE stands for? What other certifications other than PE and RCDD would you recommend to increase potential to stand out?
      Sep 16
    • Microsoft / Mgmt gdFw80
      PE stands for Professional Engineer.

      There are a ton of supplemental certifications you can add that will improve your value a bit such as the RTPM, CNIDP, LEED, ATDP, PMP, etc. Focus on credentials that speak to your preferred sub specialties and you’ll be fine.

      Just be aware that it’s easy to over-qualify in this field as there is such a lack of experienced leaders in the telecom space. If you’re looking into senior leadership positions, consider an MBA, the PgMP, and similar credentials.

      Frankly, it’s a great time to bolster you career. In a couple of years, you could eclipse any estimates in potential salary if you’re ambitious, aggressive, and willing to move around a bit.
      Sep 16
  • Orange / Design

    Orange Design

    Looking good
    How many yoe and what qualifications
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    • New Trazer
      Entry level- no qualification
      Mid level- 2 years, no certification
      Expert level- 5 years, several certifications
      Sep 1
  • Roku roku!
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