Etiquettes of Following-up after interview

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I wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts on following up after interview. I recently had interviews at Apple, Microsoft and Glassdoor. All 2nd phone interview. Recruiters told me they would follow up with my last wk and I haven’t heard from any of these 3. I tried following up this wk but no response.

Should I continue to email to follow up every so often? I was recently laid off as part of RIF, so trying to secure a job before hiring slows down by end of year. For these companies, what does it mean if they don’t respond??


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    I wouldn't be afraid of following up twice with a recruiter, that's what they are there for. Be more cautious with a hiring manager, they likely have a lot more on their plates than worrying about a new hire. I feel like these large companies require a lot of coordination between stakeholders so be patient as well!
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  • D. E. Shaw & Co. WXia81
    When I still interviewed, follow ups weirded me out a little bit because a) you can’t really respond since you’re one of a dozen people in the hiring process and you can’t speak for firm and b) I’ve already made up my mind days or weeks before the follow up. I never held these emails against the person following up if it reached the point of a hiring meeting but I never viewed them positively either.
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  • New DYbp46
    I would drop on more email in 1.5 weeks, and then stop. No point in reminding them if it won’t get a different result. It will just make you look bad/desperate
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