Eval Apple Offer

Samsung crooks
Sep 4 16 Comments

Currently at Nvidia


MS in CS from top 10 school

Apple Offer:
Team: kernel, bay area
RSU: 240k/4
Sign On 40K.

I am assuming this is ICT4.

This is after negotiating and they said it was their best offer.

Their first offer was low at 180k/100k.

Any more room to negotiate here ?.


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TOP 16 Comments
  • ^ Right, get some more offers. At 9 YOE you should shoot for 300k+, in fact 400k+.
    Sep 4 1
    • Apple i🍎
      Get to reality, too much blind huh?
      Sep 4
  • Uber whoberrr
    Competing offers will help increase
    Sep 4 6
    • Samsung crooks
      True that. Recruiter was trying to sell high annual refreshers (120k) to make up for additional 30K per year
      Sep 4
    • New ILYw22
      They unfortunately can't guarantee refreshers.

      If you feel it's a good offer and it's better than what you're currently getting, I say go for it.
      Sep 4
    • Samsung crooks
      The work in the core kernel team seems exciting, the offer dampens the excitement.
      Sep 4
    • New Gned33
      Refreshes should be maintaining the variable comp. Selling you on refreshes is typical recruiter B.S.
      Sep 4
    • Apple Lgtbbj
      120k is not high for refreshers.
      Sep 4
  • NVIDIA lundo
    Low for the bay area.

    Give it to your manager at Nvidia and try to get a counter from them to negociate better with apple.
    Sep 4 1
  • Apple pollett
    Lol I got exact same numbers for rsu n bonus with 170 base for 3.75 yoe
    Stock was allocated at 189
    So that’s another 6k bump on top of it
    I had competing offers though
    Sep 4 0
  • Apple / Eng 🐒codemonk
    SWE or HWE?
    Sep 4 1
    • Samsung crooks
      Swe. Updated the post
      Sep 4
  • Amazon / Product TheStreets
    Sep 4 0
  • Samsung / Eng

    Samsung Eng

    Sep 4 0


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