Ever sent nudes?

New sort
Mar 14 15 Comments

Have you ever sent naked pictures of yourself to another person?



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TOP 15 Comments
  • New / Consultanttnor88
    The results making me sad
    Mar 143
    • VMware satyaa
      Because you never received any?
      Mar 14
    • Microsoft not-a-dev
      Nothing wrong with sending/receiving nudes as long as they’re not unsolicited.
      Your partner might appreciate them :)
      Mar 14
    • Foursquare / Engℹ️❤️🍛
      Because female population in blind is low?
      Mar 18
  • Microsoft richardhea
    You should split the no into never been asked to and did not want to send and yes into solicited and unsolicited.
    Mar 140
  • Microsoft naaam
    Welcome to blind, Mr.bezos!
    Mar 140
  • Apple AdmiralAck
    Well, that’s about the M/F split I expected on Blind.
    Mar 141
    • Microsoft / Enghbchhc
      Just dudes answering the women's questions with how they wish ladies would behave..
      Mar 14
  • New sort
    Solid results. Nudes make the world a better place.
    Mar 140
  • Square / EngSQ
    Any males saying no is a lie. All of you have sent a dick pic.
    Mar 143
    • Microsoft / Enghbchhc
      And just about 100% of them were not requested..
      Mar 14
    • Square / EngSQ
      Except the one I sent you 😘
      Mar 14
    • Spotify KXAo87
      Are you Anthony Weiner?
      Mar 14
  • Uber smartride
    Mar 140
  • Amazon ˙ ͜ʟ˙
    Always sext your SO
    Mar 140

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