Every search result is filled with Sponsored products, What is wrong with Amazon?

New nnmwaxx
Feb 17 4 Comments

Who is interested in buying sponsored products? Is getting profit from sold items not enough for Amazon? If nothing kills Amazon, it is greed that will kill it.


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  • Google/Facebook also does the same thing. It makes business sense to show ads.. it is amazon’s next big revenue machine
    Feb 17 0
  • Amazon jPIf11
    I'm a little confused here. If the sponsored product is quality and meets a customer's need, what's wrong with that? It's not like you're being shown a product that isn't in line with what you want to buy
    Feb 17 2
    • Microsoft ibSs75
      Ads based results with things that are related to a vague query match doesn’t bother anyone. Looking for Adidas shoes and seeing ads for Xyz socks or Nikes flippers is not customer obsessed - it is sales obsessed.

      Someone, somewhere in Amazon has forgotten what the company is all about
      Feb 17
    • PagerDuty QhwD03
      When sorting by lowest price, sponsored offers are significantly more expensive than the organic results.
      Feb 17