Evidence of competing offers

Mu Sigma ERhl51
Jul 11 4 Comments

Do recruiters ask for evidence of competing offers?

I have a verbal offer for a job (recruiter expects me to negotiate). I don't want to negotiate , get a higher offer make them draft an offer letter and then turn it down (planning to since they offered a different location)

I am afraid it would spoil the relationship with the recruiter (who I know personally)

I am afraid that I won't be able to use a verbal offer while negotiating with other companies.

Current TC:95k
New TC offer :130K
Location: Orlando, FL.
YOE: ~ 5


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Microsoft BangTrue!
    130K? Damn the new hires in MS get more TC than that
    Jul 11 1
    • Mu Sigma ERhl51
      Not a developer. 130k (110k base + 20k variable pay). No stocks involved. I'd imagine 130k will go a lot farther in Orlando than in Seattle.
      Jul 11
  • MassMutual / Eng

    MassMutual Eng

    Lead Software Engineer
    Orlando FL 130k offer?

    Bruh. Orlando, FL. That's a benefit.
    Jul 11 1
    • Mu Sigma ERhl51
      I was pleasantly surprised as well. That's why I want to use this offer to negotiate with other companies in larger metro areas. Can I do that without an official offer letter ?
      Jul 11