Excitement at work today

Splunk CUlK82
Jan 28 6 Comments


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  • Uber aNft74
    Clicked on the first link
    Saw the word mansplaining
    X’d out immediately
    Jan 28 0
  • Uber (:-:)
    HR is to protect the company.
    Mar 14 1
    • UiPath hidq44
      People need to understand this!
      Mar 19
  • Microsoft X9pl12
    So the complainant is Jewish herself and yet she refers to Viktor Frankl’s book as a “trite self help book”? Holy crap that’s cold blooded on her part.
    Jan 28 1
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      No, you are conflating two different books. This is explained in the complaint.
      Jan 28
  • New DvVM00
    page 3 line 4 is the money shot. you can stop reading after that.
    Jan 28 0