“Expansion” at Uber Eats

Shopify dfns22
Jan 15 8 Comments

#uber peeps: saw this role (https://www.uber.com/en-CA/careers/list/43708/) and was curious to hear about the “expansion team”.

What do they actually do, what areas of the product do they actually own?


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  • eBay


    Why did you click on me 😡
    They expand into cities that they were not in previously. Should be pretty obvious. Sounds like you’re not qualified, though.
    Jan 15 1
  • Uber xJaV74
    None of the above comments are correct (including the ones made by other Uber employees) — they work on cross-cutting business initiatives that span all sides of the marketplace and “expand” the overall pie of food delivery. Feel free to message me if you’d like more context.
    Jan 16 0
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  • Uber whodi
    Grocery and a couple of other new food delivery/ordering biz models
    Jan 15 1
    • Shopify dfns22
      So are they basically spinning up new business units as opposed to making Eats available in more areas across cities or acquiring new restaurants?
      Jan 15
  • Uber / Eng cashout
    Definitely for expansion to more cities. We want to create more efficient operating processes to expand faster and faster.
    Jan 16 0
  • Food delivery.
    Jan 15 0