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Samsung nihili89
Feb 20 15 Comments

I have a offer from cisco for software engineer, grade 8. The hr is asking me for salary expectations. Not moving ahead unless I give a number. How do you handle that? Where to start?

Any tips to negotiate?

Current tc:160k


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  • Pure Storage DAJNMU
    What does it mean that they won't movie forward unless you make a salary demand? Just tell them you don't know the break down in Cisco's pay philosophy between salary, bonus, stock and it's not fair to them for you to try and guess. Say you like the company and the opportunity, and would love to move forward - Cisco should make an offer that is in line with their compensation structure and in line with what they know about you based on your interview performance and resume.
    Feb 20 6
    • Pure Storage DAJNMU
      It's unfair for the company to expect you to say a number first. They know exactly what they're paying all their current employees, they buy salary surveys to calibrate themselves, they have your resume, they know what they budgeted for the job they're hiring you for etc. It's such extreme information asymetry that they really have to make the first offer.
      Feb 20
    • Apple VgahFff23
      They don’t and they won’t. They won’t give out that Leverage for nothing. That’s why competing offers from other companies forces their hand to extend an offer at a higher band. This has been my experience, YMMV
      Feb 20
    • Pure Storage DAJNMU
      I've never had a company flat out refuse to make an offer if they want to hire me. If they really won't, maybe just turn it into a joke, like, "ok, if you really want me to name a salary, how about one million dollars a year?"

      I've heard this idea a few times recently and I think it's because people don't know how to be a tiny bit firm with recruiters.
      Feb 20
    • Apple VgahFff23
      Agreed go big. My point is don’t undervalued yourself. If they ask for the number give them what you expect + 25% in RSUs or the like. It’s an opportunity for yourself. They’ll bring you down to reason. Because no matter what they’ll never go up from whatever number you give them.
      Feb 20
    • Apple VgahFff23
      Actually one company did in my experience. They countered with more options... but in the long run it was worthless lol
      Feb 20
  • Microsoft bsVL13
    Find out top end of the range of that level. If that is 100k then suggest between 100k to 110k (add 10%).
    Just note there is a chance they might not think you are worth it. So only do this if you want top dollar and you are okay with walking. If they come back then it’s a good sign.

    Alternatively get competing offers.
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    • Samsung nihili89
      Find that from glassdoor?
      Feb 20
    • Microsoft bsVL13
      Glassdoor, levels.fyi, or here
      Feb 20
  • Cisco / Product SWQQ19
    To be honest, it will be darn near impossible to beat your current total compensation of $160K at grade 8. You would need a good bonus multiplier and to be awarded RSUs every year, both of which aren't guaranteed even for strong performers.

    As for HR, ask them for their expected salary range. They won't make a fuss about you not sharing your expectation if they refuse to share theirs. If you still need an excuse not to give a number, say your expectation is in line with market and you can be more specific after learning more about the opportunity through your interviews with the team.
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    • Intel Inteltired
      I think they can match his current comp but going beyond that is a bumper
      Feb 21
  • Cisco / Eng

    Cisco Eng

    Years of Exp ?...Grade 8 has a range and based on BU you can get RSUs or no RSU...

    TC - Base + 12% Base ( Target Comp ) + RSU

    Target comp is 12% for meet expectations..It can go 16-20% as well...

    Also which BU and location ?
    Feb 20 0
  • Salesforce pismo10
    Pick the lowest number that you would accept and then pick a dream number that you think you’ll never get. Average them and ask for that. Also ask for a bunch of rsu
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  • Cisco ahsufuevqi
    get atleast 2400+ rsus .... thats ur best bet to increase tc ...
    Feb 21 0