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Mar 13 5 Comments

Had a chat with CTO of a well funded startup with well known founders. He asked me he will prepare an offer if I am inclined to join.

I am on the fence and want to explore other onsites that are already scheduled. And frankly, I may go with other startup if that one works out.

I am just inclined to ask them to prepare and the offer, and negotiate till the other startup onsite is done. At the same time, I don't want to come across as disingenuous.
Any advice?
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  • Facebook RNNAtttn
    How can you be inclined to join till you know the offer? He's trying to extract information from you so he doesn't waste time on preparing an offer if you're not interested.

    Tell him that you're really interested in his firm (if you are), but that you're also interviewing elsewhere, and that your decision obviously does depend on the offer itself.
    Mar 131
  • Magic Leap Leaper17
    Just say you would be interested in hearing what would be initial offer details, but that you have a few other companies that you like complete the interviews with. Then set a time to further the conversation with the CTO and be on touch weekly. Set an ideal deadline to finish interviewing, to evaluate offers.
    Mar 130
  • Mode DvVM00
    do the others first. then you will have a concrete baseline for the startup.
    Mar 140
  • Juniper Heyo!
    Name of the startup? Sounds like one I know.
    Mar 130

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