Expedia Offer - visa issue

Amazon / Eng NWHw82
Jul 23 13 Comments

Got a verbal offer from Expedia. Right now on OPT but have got my H1B approved with premium processing. Since my H1 transfer can be initiated only after October 1st, Expedia has now put my offer "on hold" and says that I might have to interview again.

Anyone else faced similar issue? Will I have to go through the interview process again? Is there a way to transfer H1B before Oct 1? TIA


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Apple / Eng ๐Ÿ’codemonk
    Why move from Amazon to Expedia?
    Jul 23 6
    • Amazon / Eng NWHw82
      Better WLB. donโ€™t want to compete with people working 12 hrs daily..
      Jul 23
    • Expedia Group / Eng RslS72
      This^ know multiple people who have come from Amazon, exactly for that
      Jul 23
    • Expedia Group tfffhhyu
      Amen. Didnt want to become Bezos slave.
      Jul 24
    • Apple / Eng ๐Ÿ’codemonk
      Good for you! Good luck.
      Jul 24
    • Expedia Group anononymus
      If the pay wasn't way below market I'd think that was a good answer. But I guess if you cashed in on selling your soul to Amazon for a few years probly don't need a market rate salary.
      Jul 30
  • Expedia Group oytI85
    If you have received your I-797, I think the transfer can be initiated a few weeks before Oct 1st. So you can join them on OPT cap-gap the next day when they submit your petition, but there is the risk of your H1B transfer getting rejected.

    Better stick with Amazon for now. You can always get into Expedia. Let some of your stocks vest.
    Jul 24 0
  • Akamai Technologies Libtard
    Do not mess with your H1B.Ever.
    Jul 23 0
  • Visa CQxl25
    Amazon can revoke your H1B , rather stay with Amazon till October then after stamping join Expedia
    Jul 24 0
  • Expedia Group / Admin 7gsr5uk9
    you have the right to choose your Visa status. you can join on opt and remain in that status till it expires. transfer the Visa at a later state
    Jul 24 0
  • Expedia Group owlette
    I think you can join on OPT now and can get the h1 after October as cap exempt from Expedia.
    Jul 23 0