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Hi, I am 40+ and currently working as a individual contributor / software engineer. Trying to figure out the next steps in my career. I love programming & while I want to remain technical I am not sure what my profile would look like 5/10/15 years from now. Some of the options I am thinking:

A) try again & get in to a FAANG
B) part time / online MS in computer science with a focus on ML/AI
C) part time MBA from Haas/Wharton & try to move to non technical roles: product management/technical program management & later move to more of general management

Blind Etiquette: TC is 300k so underpaid compared to salaries I find posted on Blind.


Added a Poll as suggested. But would love to see some comments.



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  • Ness Technologies __|__
    How abt do nothing, save money and explore other things in life
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  • Microsoft bbobd
    I would suggest A),

    because for B) a master on ML won’t add too much for landing a job on ML unfortunately. It needs PhD for real ML job, or it’ll just be regular swe, which is under A) category; and for C) an entry level product manager won’t be paid as good as senior swe in FANG. And I doubt a good MBA can get you to engineer manager immediately nor it’s required for EM.

    You can be a good A) and switch to EM later on. That’s a quite common career path.
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  • Poll?
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  • Google Cuxh07
    Once you've been in the industry a while, no one cares about advanced degrees. Leetcode and FANG if you're trying to optimize. 300k TC is nothing to sneeze at for IC, you're still winning. Keep in mind that a lot of Total Comp you see on Blind is due to stock over appreciation and exceeds their Target Comp.
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  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Don’t bother with part time or online programs. They don’t add much value for one already in industry.

    If you want to move to management move to engineering management or product management from your current role.
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  • New / Creative iam-_
    Online masters+Executive MBA+FAANG
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  • Uber pojdeyhsa
    Which level are you in ebay ?!
    Oct 3 4
    • eBay fastnfree
      Oct 3
    • Uber pojdeyhsa
      What are mts 2 yearly refreshers like ?
      Oct 3
    • eBay fastnfree
      Oct 3
    • Uber pojdeyhsa
      You make a nice tc given those refreshers. Is it due to stock price appreciation or high base ?
      Oct 3
  • Netflix depo
    Whatever you do don’t do MS. Big waste of time
    Oct 15 0


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