FAANG+M Cultures

Capital One / Design 257jdx
Apr 2 19 Comments

If you had to describe the culture of each of the big tech companies in a single word, what would those words be?

By no means perfect, but here’s my attempt at it:

Facebook: Fast
Apple: Perfectionist
Amazon: Competitive
Netflix: Smart
Google: Practical
Microsoft: Consistent


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TOP 19 Comments
  • New / R&D zorkan
    Facebook: niave
    Amazon: slavery
    Apple: secretive
    Netflix: productive old people
    Microsoft: non-productive old people
    Google: idk didn't work at this one yet
    Apr 2 9
    • Oracle zyxw
      +1 nailed it!!
      Apr 2
    • eBay uUhGab1
      Someone fill one in for Google

      Or is that the joke?
      Apr 2
    • Adobe xbid57
      Was that naive or knave for fb?
      Apr 3
    • Amazon silver_fox
      How many years have you spent working on each of these?
      Apr 3
    • Indeed / Eng lolzzzzz
      Non productive old people. 100% true
      Apr 3
  • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
    Facebook: lol wageslave
    Apple: lol wageslave
    Amazon: lol wageslave
    Netflix: lol wageslave
    Google: lol wageslave
    Microsoft: lol wageslave
    Apr 2 0
  • Microsoft


    Change Google to hyperactive and your list is perfect.
    Apr 2 3
    • Capital One / Design 257jdx
      Haha thanks! Why do you think Google is hyperactive? Is that what you’d boil “googliness” down to?
      Apr 2
    • Microsoft


      Google likes to start projects, grow them, then randomly shut them down, or conversely, never launch them etc. If you want to work there long term it’s something you’d have to accept and deal with.
      Apr 2
    • Facebook ykwlfdpap
      i thought you are talking about fb
      Apr 2
  • Facebook ykwlfdpap
    in terms of software developement, google actually is perfectionist. apple is conservative.
    Apr 2 1
  • Amazon fapple
    Amazon is cutthroat
    Apr 3 0
  • Google QPys08
    Google: Political
    Jun 4 0


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