FB / Google Engineering Managers here?

shenierb d


Google, Amazon, Facebook
shenierb dmore
Sep 18 5 Comments

Wonder if engineering managers code there. and if the role itself is respected.


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  • Google / Eng XBYQ20
    AFAIK managerial ladder at G does not expect coding, but no one is stopping you from doing it. Unlikely to improve your perf ratings though.

    On the other hand some SWE's become TLM (TechLead/Manager). So they remain software engineers, do design and coding, and are also people managers at the same time. Fairly easy to switch back to IC, if management turns out to be not your thing. Best of both worlds, great experience, but at a price. Being a TLM is often a LOT of work.
    Sep 18 4
    • Amazon tinkbig
      So in theory, if your coding skills are weak, you could study/leetcode for a few months and if you pass the interview, no need to really know coding thoroughly as a Manager?
      Sep 18
    • Qualcomm coackchin
      @tinkbig. Yes absolutely, no need of coding knowledge… And then you’ll be a weak manager trying to handle top-flight coders who will hate you for being non technical.
      Sep 18
    • Google / Eng jf8s3b
      top flight 😂
      Sep 18
    • Qualcomm coackchin
      What's funny?? 😂😂😂
      Sep 18