FB E5 or Amazon L6? Offer with details, please help.

Google / Eng DLNy53
Jun 24 10 Comments

Learned a lot from here, my time to contribute back.

PhD + 5 YOE, @ G.

FB E5: 200 + 600/4 +100
Amazon L6: 180 + {210, 160} + 240 share
Location: {NY, CA}

Why FB?
* yearly refresh
* better benefits overall, 401k match, vacation, medical care, free food, etc.
* nicer office :)

Why Amazon?
* very cool HM & team, project have lots of potential
* I am under the impression Amazon L6 is viewed better than FB E5? levels.fyi shows slightly higher.

Why not Amazon?
* L6 -> Principle is extremely hard, so stale TC for a long long time.
* stock unlikely to grow crazy like before.

Am I correct? What would you choose?

Update: FB.



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  • Google lkbd
    Current TC?
    Jun 24 0
  • Tinder / Eng Batna
    You're doing some weird things with the numbers. Assuming no stock growth, Facebook TC over 4 years is 1.62m (30k annual bonus @ 15%). Amazon TC over that period is 1.55m (no annual bonus by default, afaik). As you mentioned, Facebook also has annual refreshers, and better overall benefits.

    That said, the difference is small enough that you should probably decide based on how much you like the team and other QoL factors (commute, food, WLB, etc).
    Jun 24 1
    • Google / Eng DLNy53
      Thanks for the correction! Indeed my statement is wrong. FB beat Amazon by a bit.

      Amazon calculate 15% stock growth per year, to make year 2&3 same TC as year 1&2. So when I perform my calculation, I assumed year 1 TC * 4.
      Jun 24
  • Google nrvD43
    Probably should choose based on team since the difference is basically minimal.
    Jun 24 1
    • Google / Eng DLNy53
      agree. thanks.
      Jun 24
  • Facebook lnstagram
    FB in Seattle to maximize TC
    Jun 24 0
  • Booking.com / Other

    Booking.com Other

    Keep interviewing
    Jun 24 0
  • Google UnYf63
    I was in the same position last week, chose FB at the end.
    Jun 26 0
  • Google topCon
    No brainer. FB

    Refreshers. 401k match. Perks galore.
    Jun 24 0
  • Apple sopq
    Prep for e5 any suggestion? I am going for e5 in 1 month.
    Jun 24 0