FB E6 TPM salary

Apple wangminh12
Apr 4 15 Comments

What is the salary for E6 TPM AT FACEBOOK?


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  • Facebook / Other Odknisjke
    BS. TPM is 350 baseline offer, can go up to 425 with competing offers from G. 500 not possible. I manage TPMs...
    Apr 4 9
    • Facebook / Other Odknisjke
      Depends on interview performance. Could be 5,6 even 7 if a rockstar who spent 10 years at google. YOE are not created equal.
      Apr 5
    • SAP ksYR03
      Is TPM program Manager or Product Manager? If Program, then Product Manager earn same ?
      May 18
    • Nvidia / Project

      Nvidia Project

      Nokia, Broadcom Inc., Apple, Dolby Laboratories
      Sr leader
      How about l6?
      May 25
    • New / Consultant

      New Consultant

      Are your numbers TC(base + bonus + RSU) or Bass Salary?
      Jul 28
    • Facebook / Mgmt L8PM
      All in
      Jul 28
  • Amazon sunshinin
    I was offered around 500k for this position at Facebook.
    Apr 4 4
    • Amazon tictactoo
      That sounds like a great offer for L6 TPM. I have heard around 350k is what they typically offer.
      Apr 4
    • Amazon sunshinin
      Good L6 TPMs at Amazon make more than 350k these days. Market is very competitive.
      Apr 4
    • Apple wangminh12
      How about E5?
      Apr 4
    • Amazon sunshinin
      E5s typically get TC of 350k.
      Apr 4