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Google tUlh65
Apr 3 13 Comments

I am having a conversation with one FB recruiter who wants me to apply for a job at FB Infra. There are several positions that match my experience - Linux kernel, hardware bring up, firmware dev...

I want to learn more about this group. What is the culture there? Are their projects fun or boring? Any team recommendations and anti-recomendations? Anything else to know before applying there?

Targeted level is E5
8 YOE, 5 at google
TC 340


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  • Don't join Facebook. They are an ethical nightmare. If your only goal is to maximize your TC, go ahead though.

    Unrelated to the ethical issues, the main issue I got with their infra is that they don't use a single upstream project. The decided they are too smart and rewrite everything standard into their own stack. You will come out of there not knowing anything that the industry considers as standard.
    Apr 3 11
    • Microsoft shambu
      Isn't that true for every unicorn out there? Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Netflix everyone creating their own stuff and trying to push it in the industry as a standard to gain tech legitimacy. Consul, zuul, envoy, pelteon.....
      Apr 3
    • Amazon 63784747
      It’s a lil different!
      Apr 3
    • Facebook / Eng ovrenginr
      Google writes their own infra too. How's that different
      Apr 4
    • Microsoft shambu
      Yup. It only is different coz they've become a bigger fish. They can twist arms to make them industry standards. Spdy, quic, grpc,protobufs...
      Apr 4
    • Amazon 63784747
      I meant such infra work is different than Lyft/Uber developing a message queue or LinkedIn developing Kafka and releasing.

      Infra work is often by necessity. In that sense Google/FB/AWS/MSFT have more compelling reasons I believe!
      Apr 4
  • Google tUlh65
    So far did not get any team recommendations for Infra. Are there any good teams with good managers and interesting work?
    Apr 4 0


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