FB Prod Engineer Coding Phone Screen: LC or scripts?

New / Eng szh
Mar 4 8 Comments

Does the first coding interview (phone screen) for a Production Engineer role at Facebook involve LC problems, or more scripting style ones (file processing, bash scripts, networks etc.)?

I prep with Python for LC-style problems, but I can't use network libs, file IO etc. without looking up docs for Python, hence asking.

I'm interviewing for Europe, but for the US, Glassdoor interview comments mention writing scripts for coding interviews (deploy on multiple hosts, parse large CSV file, etc.)

Interview booklet says: "a call one-on-one with an engineer where you will solve 2 problems by writing code on a shared screen.", which isn't clear enough.

Any pointers?


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  • Intel iverso
    In the same boat, currently I'm doing leetcode and some scripting exercises based on Glassdoor.
    Mar 4 4
    • New / Eng szh
      If it's any help, I got 2 problems, one scripting, one LC-style.

      For the scripting one, it would help to know how to read stdin, parse CLI args, basic network libs, file I/o etc, as Glassdoor would also indicate.

      I wasn't well prepped for the scripting part, but I ended up explaining how I would do it in another language I'm familiar with.
      Mar 5
    • Intel iverso
      Ah I see, was it something that could've been done in bash (reasonably) or was it complicated enough that Perl or python would be more appropriate?
      Mar 5
    • New / Eng szh
      First pass was simple enough for bash with a few CLI utilities (I actually used them through Python), but he followed up with 'what if the system didn't have that CLI utility'.
      Mar 5
    • Intel iverso
      Gotcha, any follow up on debug and/or Linux?
      Mar 5
  • Cisco @/
    What exactly does production engineer do? Does pay scale differ for production vs SW engineer?
    Mar 7 1
    • Intel iverso
      From what I've heard PE @ FB is the same scale. You can think of PE like a SRE role. Heavy systems knowledge, scripting and automation work -- configuration management, performance troubleshooting, etc.
      Mar 7
  • Facebook HFqW61WAZ
    Depends on the interviewer. Pe Ninja coding is easy, worry about systems
    Mar 6 0

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