FB TPM interview - need help

SunTrust Truist
Jun 15 9 Comments

I have an FB TPM on-site.
Can you’ll please help me by sharing your insights into the interview process.
I haven’t received a full schedule yet, however
Have general idea from recruiter about the focus areas
1. project management
2. program management
3. cross functional
4. system design
5. technical focus/ application architecture

I am prepared for 1,2,3. Need to know the nature for 4&5, especially 5. Will it be the application architecture that I currently work on or what kind of technical focus I should expect here.
I assume no.5 will be conducted by an sde.

Also note - I have a shorter loop 3.5 hrs n expected to meet 6 ppl in addition to recruiter and lunch.

Any thoughts??


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  • Facebook lifeisgr88
    System design interview focuses on your understanding of large scale systems, bottlenecks and how you make trade offs in your design. They will not be looking for the perfect answer but more your thought process.

    Technical architecture interview focuses on an area you worked on to get an understanding of how technically deep and hands on you are in that space and how well you understand the technical decisions made and why. They may also ask you how you will adapt it to a slightly different situation.
    Jun 15 2
    • SunTrust Truist
      Thanks dm you for more questions. Hope that’s ok
      Jun 15
    • Intuit gmj
      Suntrust.. I am out of my msgs for the month. Have some questions regarding the phone screen. Would you mind pinging me pleaseee! Thanks
      Oct 12
  • Google / Product dSLG84
    I did it, be prepared to be jerked around by the recruiter, worst interview experience of my life. Went through several on-sites. After each one "they really liked you, but let's have you interview for this other team instead"
    Jun 15 1
    • eBay / Data Blind_007
      Same thing happened with me, keep moving in loops with different groups. FB takes you granted a lot in terms of your availability, ghosting you whenever convenient and then apologizing. To be honest looks like that is how they make money too!! Use user data as they please, later say they care about privacy and defend by the ton of money they made earlier in the first process. So be comfortable with this thinking broadly and then you are fine and in same wavelength as they work!
      Jun 15
  • New wrcS08
    We just placed a couple of people at google and FB through our 1-on-1 training program. Dm me if you will like to know more .
    Jun 15 1
    • SunTrust Truist
      Dm ed you
      Jun 15
  • In my case sd will be conducted by sr pm
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