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Google TL1804
Mar 20 6 Comments

Question for Facebook FTEs:

I’ve accepted an offer at FB and I am reviewing the onboarding website. I see that ahead of orientation they ask you to have your personal Facebook account and AppleID/Google Pay account information handy.

Does this mean Facebook will tie all my corp profiles to my personal accounts and thus have some level of access to account info, messages, transactions, emails, etc?


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    • Google TL1804
      Thanks but if they’re anything like Google, isn’t there a monitoring app (e.g. Device Policy) installed that monitors activity and can wipe a device remotely should a security risk arise like phone theft? Also, why do they need my personal FB account details?
      Mar 20
    • VMware notimporta
      Is it for devops or for SWE as well? Does it imply that you have to answer emails / be otherwise available online even when you're not in the office? If yes, can you opt out of this corporate phone?
      Mar 20
    • Facebook ✨zuck✨
      Just make a new google/apple account to use on your work devices only. That way they don’t see your personal photos, texts, etc. I don’t think they would anyways, I did it just in case.
      Mar 21
    • Facebook ✨zuck✨
      @qlm81 ??? don’t get banned then
      Mar 21
  • Facebook / Eng QA1337
    You’ll create a workplace account on day 1 and use that for everything. Your personal account is used to create the workplace account for bootstrapping.

    They’ll enable beta features and bug nubs on your personal account with the personal ID that’s about it.
    Mar 21 0
  • SAP mooooo
    For interns a lot of materials I got were through the Facebook portal, which I logged in using my real Facebook account.
    Mar 20 0


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