FB ghosted me after killing two tech screens

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Currently I'm an EM with ~12 direct reports and still heavily involved in coding/architecture.

I got a referral for FB with LA listed as my preferred location. I was kind of disappointed that the recruiter was reaching out for a solutions engineer role since I think my technical and leadership skills are beyond that. I read blind, I know the stereotypes, and I see a lot of incompetent people in the broad umbrella of "consulting." I understand the stigma. Nothing I can do but get in a FAANG and wash the stink off.

I first completed a hackerrank for them. Leetcode medium. I've actually asked a similar question quite a bit in my hiring. Nailed it. Next was a live coding challenge on the phone. Again, nailed the optimal solution.

At this time, an Oculus LA recruiter reaches out. By the time we get on the phone, the React IC position she reached out about was filled. She suggested we pursue the EM and backend IC Oculus positions.

I hear back from the solutions engineer recruiter that the phone screen went very well and they want to bring me on site but the hiring manager had to move back to Palo Alto because of family. They are closing the reqs for SE and potentially downsizing in LA for now. He said I should send him other LA roles I'm interested in and I could skip straight to on site. We'd jump on a call to discuss them later that week once I've sent the reqs.

I sent him a handful of reqs... No response... Follow up a week later and no response....

Oculus recruiter has been spotty in responding during this period. I've had to reach out just to get responses. They were on vacation and seem very overwhelmed with all the reqs they are trying to fill.

We are more than a month removed now. I'm sitting here having had good conversations with two different recruiters and passed two different coding screens. Between a lack of incentive from one recruiter and another being overwhelmed, neither recruiter has responded to my "bump" emails.

What am I to do? Bumping again seems fruitless.

TLDR: Had a referral. I did well on a hacker rank and then on a live coding screen. The initial engineer hiring manager had to move back to Palo Alto. The recruiter promised straight to onsite for other roles then disappeared. Oculus LA recruiter has been spotty in responding after reaching out to me in same time frame.
....yeah, longest TLDR ever....

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  • Facebook hihihihiz
    Put tldr at the top please
    Jun 26 2
    • PayScale middling
      Or you could just choose to not read it.
      Jun 26
    • Facebook hihihihiz
      Having a bad day? :)
      Jun 26
  • Amazon Northman
    FB recruiting sucks. Worst in FAANG by far, and legendary for ghosting. Referrals to a particular hiring manager are best bet. Everything else is a black hole. Even if your resume shits gold.
    Jun 26 2
    • Apple industry
      Agreed, word is that they permabanned me after I kept bugging recruiter and hiring manager for interview results. For four months lol
      Jun 26
    • New / Eng *(void*)0
      Apple is worse (at least from personal experience)
      Jun 26
  • Facebook nso701
    Yeah, we should reject instead of ghosting.
    Jun 26 0
  • New / Eng QTdN03
    Maybe they downsized your recruiter...
    Jun 26 0
  • Facebook IAmMarkZ
    Sorry to hear that. My interview experience was beyond awesome.
    Jun 26 0
  • Facebook darksuprem
    Wait and watch?
    Jun 26 0


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