FB onsite for Data Engineer position

Intuit / Data QDP
Dec 30, 2018 2 Comments

Going onsite at Facebook for Data engineer position next month and curious how much should i emphasize on ds/algorithm/coding part. Do i really need to dig through tree and graph questions or general idea is okay?

Any help is appreciated. Also open for suggestions and dos and don’ts for onsite.
Thank you in advance and happy new year.


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  • Facebook / Data gfg101
    Ask the recruiter for clarification - I want to say algorithms won’t be very important but data structures and pipelines are important.
    Dec 30, 2018 1
    • Intuit / Data QDP
      I tried asking recruiter once but it seems they are not willing to share any more info because it will be added advantage to me comparing to another hiring pool, prep guide sent by recruiter has all topics mentioned including tree and graphs.
      Dec 30, 2018