Facebook, Amazon, Bloomberg Referrals needed

Verizon jiEu74
Mar 25 7 Comments

Hi people of blind. Need referrals for FB, Amazon and Bloomberg. Leetcoding for the past 4 months to get out of shitty Verizon. Have scheduled on sites with Google and Microsoft so far. Would really appreciate any referrals. Thanks!


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Facebook FlGo46
    Dm me for FB
    Mar 25 1
    • New / Eng John^Wick
      Can I dm you as well?
      Jun 26
  • Amazon lololololl
    Amazon. Dm me
    Mar 25 0
  • New ...anon
    I don’t have for any, otherwise I would. That said, do apply and reach to recruiters in the localities you are applying for. That helps as well in improving chances. Except for one, all my other jobs have been without a referral
    Mar 25 1
    • Verizon jiEu74
      Thanks for the tip. Will definitely try that out.
      Mar 25
  • New pdIl76
    Hey. For jobs?
    Mar 25 1


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