Facebook Data Scientist, Analytics Salary

Samba TV / Data sjxy32
Feb 7 14 Comments

Hey everyone, what is the expected base salary and TC for DS,A role at FB? I’m confused because the description looks more like a data analyst role so I’m not sure if me looking at data scientist salaries on Glassdoor is accurate.


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  • Microsoft Omni
    Data scientist title in Facebook is equivalent to data analyst title in other companies I’ve heard. Their real data scientists are called ML engineer or Research engineer or something or rather.
    Feb 7 6
    • Facebook some_ds
      Can confirm. Pay is solid though
      Feb 7
    • Facebook Joatx
      Generally not true but might be true for some teams. Data science is part of many teams. Generally data science in product has wide latitude and a fair bit of ownership - which leads to a wide spectrum of technical expertise and ownership choices. Data Scientists in core data science have more technical background.
      Feb 7
    • TripAdvisor owlwise
      What's the salary look like then? Any numbers?
      Feb 7
    • Uber Deer
      Is the interview process equivalent to a data analyst as well then? Or is it the old bait and switch where it’s legit interview and you are anticipating real DS then you show up and write 800 sql queries in the first month
      Feb 7
    • Samba TV / Data sjxy32
      @some_ds What does the base pay look like?
      Feb 7
  • Facebook / Eng Carmine
    No it’s not 130 unless you’re a new grad
    Feb 10 1
    • Samba TV / Data sjxy32
      What would you say the base pay and TC for someone with ~2 years of experience is?
      Feb 14
  • Facebook


    Less than core DS but more than analyst roles
    Feb 7 1
    • Samba TV / Data sjxy32
      130k base?
      Feb 7
  • Facebook svOE48
    Base ~135
    Tc ~ 175 for 2 years of experience out of UG
    Feb 19 0
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    • Samba TV / Data sjxy32
      I’m not quite sure if you read the post. I know FB pays well but would they really pay a “data analyst” the same base salary as an SWE?
      Feb 8
    • Financial Engines / Data frugalguy
      Feb 8


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