Facebook E4 vs Square L6

Roblox GQox07
Apr 26 11 Comments

I have a Square L6 offer for 340K TC and a Facebook E4 offer and still waiting for numbers. From what I've read the FB E4 will be much lower than 340K.

Thoughts here? Should I go for the bigger offer? Or should I take a step backward and join FB?


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  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    Lol, that's hilarious. Square must be desperate.

    And no, you won't even get close to 340k at E4.
    Take the inflated square level and then jump to another company in a year.
    Apr 26 0
  • Nvidia xaBl4j
    Square offer sounds fantastic. Congrats!
    Apr 26 0
  • Facebook fhu4ns5y6
    Take square. Fb will be around 270 max
    Apr 27 0
  • Clearstream.TV restandves
    How many years of experience?
    Apr 26 0
  • New Duh1
    Is Square WLB better than FB ? Then it makes all the more sense to take the Square offer. Or ask FB for E5
    Apr 27 0
  • Roblox GQox07
    7 YOE. 3 in the US.
    Apr 27 0
  • Microsoft ScubyDuBDu
    Apr 26 0
  • Amazon @&86/)/?3
    What’s square L6 title and equivalent of FB?
    Apr 27 1
    • Amazon Vaporeon
      That's a senior role I believe. I got a Square L5 offer and the recruiter told me it maps to Amazon SDE II.
      Apr 27
  • SWE?
    Apr 26 1
    • Roblox GQox07
      Yes, software engineer
      Apr 26