Facebook E5 RSU max

Uber aSSN36
May 15 6 Comments

Hi, what is the max RSUs that Facebook is giving these days for E5?

Current TC: 280.


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Microsoft !MSFT
    Avg - 500k
    Max - 600k
    May 150
  • New wiffed
    How does selling RSUs work?
    May 151
    • New VreM84
      You go to the nearest flea market.
      May 15
  • Facebook megarising
    Standard starting offer is 170k base + 400k. I've heard legends of people getting up 800k rsu in offer, but can verified that I know is 600k.
    May 150
  • Facebook / Engtinq
    There's no max if FB wants you
    May 150
  • PayPal y0y0y0y0
    May 150

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