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New Bolaz
Jan 3 2 Comments

Anyone on here that works for Facebook that would be willing to help me or at least send me in the right direction?

I have been advertising with Facebook for years and all of the sudden I woke up to my main Business Manager being disabled back in October. I have submitted multiple appeals and they're still open from back in November and it wont let me re submit. I tried chat support and they can't do anything since they don't have the access or power to do so.

I know for a fact this happened to a bunch of people on the same date and I know that I have always followed their rules as much as they can even though they seem to change on a daily basis and don't even let you know.

Can someone please help me with this.



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  • Lyft swetool
    Facebook ads had great ROI...in 2011. They’ve been coasting on the reputation since then, finally marketers have started wising up and moving their budgets elsewhere
    Jan 3 1
    • New Bolaz
      Sure costs keep increasing yoy but I still get massive ROI on my campaigns. I'm just pissed off that they have no customer support whatsoever.

      We also use other platforms, never keep all your eggs in one basket.
      Jan 3