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New cool_
Aug 29 6 Comments

Facebook guys need your help !..

Couple of Facebook recruiters has reached out to me on Linkedin for infrastructure (Privacy, Security, and Integrity groups) TPM role. I had great conversation with them and they were ready to setup telephonic interview but I told them that I have around 20 yrs experience in enterprise application development and technical program management. I honestly do not have experience in any infrastructure projects. So I am not sure yet whether I should proceed with these opportunities. I am thinking I may clear few rounds of interviews but when it comes to core technical infrastructure questions I will have challenges answering those. And then if I get rejected then I have to wait for 6-12 months for another interview.
Please give me suggestions what is your opinion? How does the infrastructure TPM interview looks like? Please give some details.

Actually I sent them few TMP opportunities from Linkedin which I think are good for me. But again they referred to me to another infrastructure TPM role.. :)

Appreciate your help ! Thanks.


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  • New SjJv70
    Share one pointer for you. Best of luck!
    Aug 29 0
  • Amazon xlvui
    Hi, I have one coming up next week for a similar role, can you share your phone screen experience and what technical depth etc. Thank you.
    Sep 2 3
    • Amazon mapx
      Did u get a call? How's it? I am preparing for one.
      Sep 21
    • EA / Project Pvz3
      @mapx wanna pair for mock interviewing ?
      Oct 13
    • Amobee shamrah
      Can you share some details on it ? How was the phone screen ? Did you went to Onsite
      Nov 12
  • Intuit gmj
    Can you guys please share your experience? Thanks
    Oct 12 0


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