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Samsung dbNJ02
Apr 2 7 Comments

Hello all,
I ust got a call from a @FB recruiter. He was pitching a test position at Facebook Portal group. Could anyone provide more information about the group? Yes, I know about Portal devices reviews on Amazon. I am more interested in group moral and if they have plans to increase hardware presence. Thx in advance!


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  • Facebook / Other Facebookie
    Don’t do it. Nightmare. Everyone there either cut throat or trying to leave.
    Apr 2 2
    • Microsoft Cheech🔥
      Can you share more? What’s the problem, the leadership? The product? Please share
      Apr 2
    • Facebook / Other Facebookie
      Poor leadership, toxic culture
      Apr 2
  • Intel \(- -)/
    Bump bump bump..
    Could someone comment on this thread please? With recent knowledge of the situation at Facebook Reality Labs?
    Aug 3 0
  • Amazon / Eng pawUI
    Bumping this thread again
    Jul 21 0
  • Apple platypus86
    Bumping this thread. Is this still the case?

    Curious if there is a change in direction for the hardware team.
    Jul 4 0
  • Samsung dbNJ02
    Doesn't sounds promising.
    Apr 2 0