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Samsung dbNJ02
Apr 2 8 Comments

Hello all,
I ust got a call from a @FB recruiter. He was pitching a test position at Facebook Portal group. Could anyone provide more information about the group? Yes, I know about Portal devices reviews on Amazon. I am more interested in group moral and if they have plans to increase hardware presence. Thx in advance!


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  • Facebook / Other Facebookie
    Don’t do it. Nightmare. Everyone there either cut throat or trying to leave.
    Apr 2 2
    • Microsoft Cheech🔥
      Can you share more? What’s the problem, the leadership? The product? Please share
      Apr 2
    • Facebook / Other Facebookie
      Poor leadership, toxic culture
      Apr 2
  • Intel / R&D \(- -)/
    Bump bump bump..
    Could someone comment on this thread please? With recent knowledge of the situation at Facebook Reality Labs?
    Aug 3 1
    • Facebook VJUD20
      Org in transition. There is new leadership which is very operational and lacks vision. The old leadership which was great on vision left.
      If you like operation it might be the place for you.
      Nov 21
  • Amazon / Eng pawUI
    Bumping this thread again
    Jul 21 0
  • Apple platypus86
    Bumping this thread. Is this still the case?

    Curious if there is a change in direction for the hardware team.
    Jul 3 0
  • Samsung dbNJ02
    Doesn't sounds promising.
    Apr 2 0


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