Facebook “Product Experience Analyst” — what is the interview like?

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May 16 3 Comments

I’m interviewing for a Product Experience Analyst (“PXA”) role on the Facebook Ads team.

Here’s my interview schedule for the onsite:

- Execution (I’ve been told this is behavioral)
- Product interpretation
- Product sense
- Applied data
- Technical focus

I feel very comfortable with the technical/SQL parts of the interview, but less for “product sense” and “product interpretation”.

Sounds like product interpretation is focused on setting goals/picking the right metrics for products. Anybody know what “product sense” is? Is it the same as the PM product sense interview? (there’s a lot of resources online for that)


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    Hello World
    Product sense...? Try rooftopslushie.com as well. Ask same question on it.
    May 16 0
  • Chegg snt124
    This seems very very similar to the Facebook data science analytics interviews.

    Anyone at fb know if they are starting to rebrand that DS analytics team to analysts again? Maybe so that they can pay less for similar work?
    May 31 1


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