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Microsoft YRVl14
Jun 26 5 Comments

Early career professional wanting to break into Product Management. I have a lot to learn with regards to career progression, I am happy to say that there are a couple different opportunities for me at Facebook. (Interviewing)

Product Specialist
Product Development Specialist

What is the internal perception of these roles? Neither position is very technical, so how likely is it to move up the chain? I did some preliminary scouting on LinkedIn and not very many people have made the transition from Product Specialist - Product Manager. Product Development Specialist seems to be even more rare.

Also are internal employees eligible for RPM?
Not afraid of doing the dirty work and learning for a couple years. The TC for both positions is fairly low for FB <100k, which I’m fine with but just want to know what I’m getting into.

Any and all thoughts for both the product specialist side and product manager side at Facebook? Thanks!


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  • Facebook / Product ayXX04
    Extremely difficult for internal candidates to move to RPM. It’s a competitive program by design but I think they make it even harder for internal folks to apply. I’ve seen a couple of cases where strong PS didn’t make it to RPM but made it as a PM elsewhere. TPM is another career path after PS and you may be better set up for a PM role then, but it’s also a longer track.
    Jun 26 4
    • Microsoft YRVl14
      Is this position suited for a transition into PM work? Would it be best to take this and hope to make it or pursue a different route?

      Are internal opportunities available to people in this role? Thanks for your help.
      Jun 26
    • Facebook / Product ayXX04
      Some PS sit with Product teams so proximity to learning so definitely there but there’s many criteria for transferring internally, either to RPM or to PM. I actually heard that your chances are better if you apply directly to PM.

      I would recommend, take the role for what it is. It’ll take you at least a year or two, depending on what level you come in as, to move internally to RPM/PM. But don’t take it as your only path.
      Jun 26
    • Microsoft YRVl14
      Thank you very much for your time. This helped a lot! 😊
      Jun 26
    • Walmart xlbs
      Is it hard for a PDS to move to a PS role?
      Oct 2


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