Facebook RPM program

Genentech Snowmansf
Aug 6 23 Comments

Applied facebook rotational product manager program. got rejected today even without interview invite.

just curious those who got the interview invite, can you share the background info? really curious what type of candidates they look for.

my background:
top 2 usa target school, PM internship, Mckinsey consulting internship, 2 years business analyst working experience.


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TOP 23 Comments
  • Did you have a referral? I'm thinking only referrals get rejection emails
    Aug 14 4
    • LinkedIn tSuw74
      Yeah I applied with a referral
      Aug 14
    • LinkedIn tSuw74
      Update I got contacted today
      Aug 15
    • Talend YSRc46
      @tSuw74 When did you apply??
      Aug 15
    • Did you get in?
      Aug 15
  • LinkedIn tSuw74
    I applied to Menlo Park but they send out rejection emails. So if you haven’t gotten a rejection yet that’s a good thing
    Aug 14 0
  • LinkedIn tSuw74
    RPM is for people with 0-1.5 years of experience, so anyone who’s not a new grad or within 1 year of new grad wouldn’t be eligible for the program.
    Aug 8 2
    • LinkedIn tSuw74
      Uh from the fbrpm site itself. Some have more experience but generally less than 1.5 years of fulltime experience
      Aug 9
    • Facebook sk2143
      This isn’t true. That’s <1.5 years of full time PM experience, not any full time experience. They want people who are new to PM, but there’s a decent number of people in each class with 2 (or less often 3) years of full time experience
      Aug 10
  • Ericsson / Eng rawr🙈🙉
    Sheeit I haven’t even got rejected yet and I have No pm internships and only shit tier eng internships.

    I wonder if they are looking for just new grads?
    Aug 6 2
    • Genentech Snowmansf
      When did you applied? And have you received interview invite ?
      Aug 6
    • Ericsson / Eng rawr🙈🙉
      I haven’t been contacted yet. I believe o applied as soon as it opened. So around the beginning of August! Honestly I’m expecting a rejection 😂
      Aug 7
  • New jjgv35
    I applied when it opened a few days ago, heard nothing back so far. Would be curious to know if others have received anything

    - non target school
    - One year prev job experience before college (gap year, fullstack work)
    - 1 SWE internship (small startup in SF)
    - 2 years of a university funded project, web work
    Aug 6 0
  • I applied as well but didn't get anything back. Im expecting rejection as I'm experienced 6 years (nontech) but their posting said less than 1.5 years of PM exp.
    Aug 11 5
    • New dhYU81
      Which office did you apply to? I applied to London but haven’t heard anything either :/
      Aug 12
    • I applied to NYC didn't hear anything pretty safe so say we didn't get chosen
      Aug 13
    • Ericsson / Eng rawr🙈🙉
      You were able to apply to an individual office? I didn’t see a choice when I did my application?
      Aug 14
    • I went through LinkedIn it said NYC once I got to FB site it had all 3 US sites so who knows. Didn't get contacted though doesn't matter
      Aug 14
    • Ericsson / Eng rawr🙈🙉
      Same lmao.. I would have at least liked a rejection email 😔
      Aug 15
  • New dog2020
    Got rejected as well with experience at a small NYC startup, and 2 PM internships (one top, one medium but everyone knows the company)
    Aug 6 2
    • Did you have a referral? Trying to see if you are rejected you only get contacted if there was a referral
      Aug 13
    • New dog2020
      Yeah I had 2 referrals.
      Aug 13
  • Boeing yousername
    Do they send out rejections for non-referrals?
    Aug 15 0


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