Facebook UX is shit

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Jan 14 10 Comments

On desktop version, I'm watching a video on my feed, (and this happens more often if I have scrolled down a lot) sometimes the scroll position just randomly jumps up or down, as if some content I have long scrolled past got resized, and the video will move.

Sometimes the video will even move out of screen and pop out into its own tiny window on the side. If I scroll back to the video and click play on the video again (because the video is bigger on my feed than in the side window) the video will go back to mute because my videos are mute by default.

Oh, but if I scroll the screen manually myself while a video is playing, it just keeps playing (I can keep hearing the sound) but it doesn't pop out into the side window so I can't keep watching as I scroll, which I guess was the intended use case for that pop-out feature.

When watching video in the app, I can't see the seekbar or even tell how long the video is without making it full screen, and when I do that, it will automatically unmute even though I have set my videos to mute by default.

In groups, when you want to tag your friend, the suggestions don't list your friends on top, it will list every member whose name matches what you typed, so it's impossible to tag your friend in a large group if they have a common name.

When reading comments in the app, if there are a lot of replies to a comment and I am reading the replies, then when I scroll up, sometimes it will close the entire comments window and I have to reopen comments again and look for where I left off.

These are just the ones off the top of my head.

If not for the fact that everybody is on Facebook and it's hard to get everybody off to a different platform, Facebook wouldn't be the most popular social network right now.


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  • Glassdoor / Eng norel
    Holy the newsfeed jumping up and down bothers me so much, thought I was the only one. Also you’re completely right, fb UX is so outdated - but majority of their userbase is older so they don’t want to fk up like reddit did
    Jan 14 0
  • Amazon lolwhat
    Dude. It's free of cost. And nobody's asking you to keep using it.
    It's literally a free service that you're using voluntarily. Stop whining and thank them instead. Have some gratitude.
    Jan 14 1
    • New monomo
      What the fuck do you mean, just because it's free, it can have the worst ux?

      Everything is part of the product. Even "free usage". If they have a shit ux they will lose their "users".
      A good Ux is the best way to present your product to users. It is of no use if you have 1000 features that can't be understood/used because of a shit ux
      Jan 14
  • Apple JobsAtApp
    People still use FB?
    Jan 14 2
    • Microsoft exMSFTz
      What should we use then??
      Jan 14
    • Apple JobsAtApp
      For what? Talking about your trip to Hawaii? Does everyone need to know about it?
      Jan 14
  • Front end engineers can't solve dynamic programming .
    Jan 14 1
  • New monomo
    I disagree. Facebook UX is top notch. Google products have shit UX. the latest disaster is chrome sign in, where you sign in to chrome and sign out of Gmail, it signs you out of chrome. Not to mention the fucked up "add account", "remove account" crap
    Jan 14 0
  • New Tapati0
    I checked my fb after ignoring it for a couple of years and I couldn’t get pass all the ads. I think it’s only used by grandparents.
    Jan 14 0