Facebook anti-trust / scandals

Microsoft BezosBalla
May 14 14 Comments

I can’t remember ever seeing so much bad news about a company before. It seems like Facebook is headed for a crisis. With the current state of things dissuade you from joining Facebook if you had an offer?

For people still at Facebook is it bad enough to make you leave? I feel like the future is very uncertain for them now.



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  • Amazon qjshc
    in my new employee orientation at Microsoft, we had 2 hours session by lawyers explaining what i can and cannot put into email, code, etc. this was right after Bill G stepped down as CEO. trust me, what fb is going thru is nothing compare to ms in mid 2000’s
    May 14 3
    • New VreM84
      Similarly, AOL in the 90s.
      May 14
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      And AT&T before that.
      May 14
    • Intel apsodj
      And Intel for the last two decades
      May 14
  • Facebook Mannw
    Fb has seen worse. Remember that fb is fighting for the same pie with traditional media so “news” about fb is rarely favorable to them.
    May 14 4
    • Intel / Eng Who.Dis
      Oh, I didn’t know FB has journalists.
      May 15
    • Facebook ehol
      It’s ad spending- guess Intel wouldn’t know.
      May 16
    • Intel / Eng Who.Dis
      I hope your personal identity attachment to a company fulfills you forever.
      May 16
    • Facebook ehol
      It has nothing to do with that. When you don’t know something, just admit you don’t know.
      May 16
  • Microsoft BezosBalla
    What about anti trust / regulation at the same time as a recession at the same time as a decline in the blue app?
    May 14 1
    • Facebook xoogler@
      I mean what if an asteroid hit the Microsoft campus? Why waste time wondering about all these hypotheticals. Go do something more productive with your life
      May 14
  • Microsoft U_U
    FB has data. Investors know data is the king in age of information. FB cannot sink because they have data. 2 + 2 = 4 - 1 that's 3 quick math.
    May 14 1
    • Microsoft 0(mn)
      Okay, I like you already 😂
      May 14
  • Microsoft jT47lg
    Facebook could act properly and still make a lot of money. They are just pushing the boundaries as long as they can get away with it.
    May 14 0