Facebook bootcamp vs pre-allocated?

New thunda
May 6 5 Comments

Is it better to go pre-allocated or go through bootcamp?

I generally like the team and location I can be pre-allocated to, but am not 100% sure and would like to explore options if it's possible.

But I fear that if I go through bootcamp, I could end up on a bad team at the end.


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  • Facebook liberaleet
    Went through team match process at Google and turned them down to go to Facebook without preallocation. Overall I think bootcamp was much better than matching before joining. As an internal employee you can get a lot more insight about the teams you talk to and really dig in to make an informed decision. Don't know if FB preallocation is as bad as G team match but I really didn't like the team match process at all, bootcamp all the way
    May 6 0
  • Facebook QRAE56
    Pre allocated is a soft allocation - you can always opt out later
    May 6 0
  • Are you a new grad?
    May 7 1
  • Google policies
    Team selection is too much stress.
    May 6 0