Facebook borrow PTO days

Microsoft TOcM36
Jun 20

Is it true that you can borrow 10 PTO days in FB? How easy is it to do that?


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  • LinkedIn CCsf57
    It is funny when there is such borrow concept.
    Jun 203
    • Fitbit mahalo2
      Jun 20
    • LinkedIn CCsf57
      If time off is so strictly tracked, unpaid overtime should as well. Everything gets messed up then because there really isn't a way to track one's voluntary overtime work hours in the Valley.
      Jun 20
    • Marvell SilentSun
      That’s when you make a deal w your manager.
      Jun 20
  • Twitter nsgsulab
    How many days do you guys get at Facebook annually?
    Jun 203
    • Facebook grumpyuncl
      21 days, or 4 weeks and a day. Unlimited sick time. 11 paid holidays in the US. 4 months parental leave. And then other stuff for bereavement, etc.
      Jun 20
    • Facebook / Eng


      Google, Twitter, Microsoft
      Unless you're in other countries. Dublin you get 25 days PTO and 10 holidays
      Jun 20
    • Twitter nsgsulab
      Unlimited would have been nice
      Jun 21
  • Tesla @@@@!
    Isn't that a bit like a Payday loan, if you borrow now you'll just need to borrow again next year?
    Jun 201
    • Facebook TC || GTFO
      You get 21 per year. So you're still left with 11 PTO after you borrow 10. If you quit early, you pay for it. Can't get better
      Jun 21
  • Facebook / EngQA1337
    You get paid 2 weeks in arrears so if you leave Facebook and you have -4 days on your PTO then your last paycheck is deducted that 4.
    Jun 200
  • Oscar / Eng


    Hi. I am real and I am pretty friendly. Just here for some happiness.
    I will certainly miss unlimited pto.
    Jun 200
  • Facebook Sipit
    Yes check wiki. You can easily find out
    Jun 200
  • Facebook / ProductWhereTo
    Jun 200

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