Facebook did it again

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Jun 6, 2018 6 Comments


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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Reading beyond the headline:
    “The deals were part of an effort to push more mobile users onto the social network starting in 2007, before stand-alone Facebook apps worked well on phones. The agreements allowed device makers to offer some Facebook features, such as address books, “like” buttons and status updates.

    Facebook officials said the agreements with the Chinese companies allowed them access similar to what was offered to BlackBerry, which could retrieve detailed information on both device users and all of their friends — including religious and political leanings, work and education history and relationship status.

    Huawei used its private access to feed a “social phone” app that let users view messages and social media accounts in one place, according to the officials.

    Facebook representatives said the data shared with Huawei stayed on its phones, not the company’s servers.”
    Jun 6, 2018 1
    • Adobe Asdbccg
      Ah ok, just like Facebook representatives said they certified Cambridge analytica data were deleted and destroyed in 2015 😂.
      Jun 6, 2018
  • Oath NbNo10
    I can't understand why on Earth anyone would use a Facebook product... Instagram, WhatsApp or whatever other garbage they have created / bought and destroyed
    Jun 6, 2018 3
    • Facebook lnstagram
      How else would you look at your ex’ photos? Before FB everyone made a custom homepage. Now it’s easier.
      Jun 6, 2018
    • Facebook cynical.ly
      Yes, everyone should use Yahoo! Mail where the government had a backdoor authorized by the CEO and with access to any and every email they wanted - without needing a court order or pretty much anything.
      Jun 6, 2018
    • Oath NbNo10
      I'm not saying to use yahoo mail in stating why would you use Facebook. Don't fall for that logical fallacy
      Jun 6, 2018