Facebook digital design engineer phone interview

AMD rEkk71
Jun 11 9 Comments

What should I expect? What should I be prepared for?

Asking for a friend


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  • Nvidia a$$hjig
    should ask your friend to ask himself here
    Jun 11 0
  • Tintri cknW65
    So the purpose of Blind app is to build the platform where users can post anonymously without being shy.
    When such kind of posts comes in, it questions this feature of the Blind app.
    Jun 11 1
    • Intel brkF67
      Maybe that friend is a student and only has read only access
      Jun 11
  • Oracle DjWaleBabu
    Classic "asking for a friend" from a Desi dude ๐Ÿคฃ
    Jun 11 1
    • Samsung / Eng isk_kamina
      Mera gaana chala do
      Jun 12
  • Google / Eng 0078
    Whatโ€™s a digital design engineer?
    Jun 11 1
    • Intel SobBwan
      ASIC design/RTL design/VLSI design/SoC design/Chip design
      Jun 11
  • Intel mid life
    Mug up Morris Mano?
    Jun 12 0
  • Intel / Eng anon123ano
    Very good question
    Jun 11 0